China in Karachi Pakistan 12D580P Sheave twelve-groove 58.64″ OD Best factory supplier manufacturer With High Quality Cheap sales price cost near me shop Custom size allowed

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This we offer 1-stop solution for the purchase of mechanical power transmission and pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes products in China. Although we take pride in being “Collar Specialists”, our expertise in sourcing quality products has made Lucas Industrial a valued supplier of other power transmission products as well. First among these are linear bearings with interchanges available for virtually all styles and sizes. Other power transmission products available through Lucas Industrial include leaf chain & sprocket, roller chain & sprocket, lumber conveying chain & sprocket, rigid couplings, ball bearings, and sprockets.12D580P Sheave uses a P QD bushing, is directly interchangeable with other manufacturers, is 58.64″ in diameter, and is manufactured in accordance with ARPM Standard for safe operation. With D-series QD sheaves you can use standard D V-belts and D banded v-belts. What separates this 12D580P sheave from the others is that it is made using a high strength cast iron, is phosphate coated, painted, and balanced at the factory. Using the high-strength cast iron grade that we do offers a higher10sile strength and is more wear resistant than the more commonly used grades. While the phosphate coated and then painted finish adds corrosion resistance to the 12D580P sheave. Then, because this sheave is balanced at the factory it runs smoother which gives bearings and other comp1nts of the equipment a longer working life. Using a quick detachable (QD) style sheave is beneficial because it makes the completed part a 2-piece assembly which means if only 1 piece breaks you don’t have to replace the entire assembly. Additionally, we stock a full line of premium D V-belts, D banded belts, P-Bushings, shafting, key-stock, electric motors, gearboxes, bearings, and much more!

12D580P Sheave Dimensions

  • Size: 12D580P
  • Bushing Type: P
  • Bore Range: 2-15/16″ – 7″
  • Type: A
  • Pitch Diameter (P.D.): 58.0″
  • Outside Diameter (O.D.): 58.64″
  • Dimension (E): 1/4″
  • Dimension (F): 17-9/16″
  • Dimension (L): 9-3/8″
  • Dimension (M): 7-15/16″
  • Sheave W8: 1300 LBS

ept Roller Chain & Sprocket and Sprockets is easy to work with and we offer an extensive inventory, high-quality products at competitive prices, and fast response times. We sell to end users, distributors, as well as OEMs all around the world. For more information on a 12 groove 12D580P sheave, or to get pricing and availability on the accompanying belts/ P bushings, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

China  in Karachi Pakistan  12D580P Sheave 12-groove 58.64

China  in Karachi Pakistan  12D580P Sheave 12-groove 58.64

China  in Karachi Pakistan  12D580P Sheave 12-groove 58.64