European best China Standard black oxide sprocket 3/4″ ×7/16″ double sprockets for two single chains

European  best  China Standard black oxide sprocket 3/4

Detail Information

Roller Chain Sprocket – European Standard Series – 12B roller chain sprocket dimensions

ISO Roller Chain Sprockets Specifications

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Tooth Width B1 11.1 Chain Pitch 19.05
Hub Configuration B Roller Dia 12.07
Tooth Width B2 30.3 Chain Number 12
Tooth Width B3 49.8 Number of Chain Rows 1-2-3
Number of Teeth 8 – 125 
Hardened Teeth Up to customer 
Bore Type Stock Bore
Min bore size 12 Max bore size 25

Product Information

EPTS are able to provide high quality standard chain and sprocket,  

include 12 chain sprocket (19.05 pitch chain sprocket).


10 tooth we have obtained the trust of buyers worldwide. a specialized supplier of a full range of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes…. sprocket 12 chain.

15 tooth sprocket 12 chain.

30 tooth sprocket 12 chain.

72 tooth sprocket 12 chain…

Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.

High quality:

Corrosion resistance

√ Durable, robust and reliable

√ Bad condition resistance.

Adapted to:

* roller chains based on the requirements of ISO/R 606

* all sprockets with pilot bore

* available with type A platewheels,simplex roller chain sprockets,duplex roller chain sprockets,triplex roller chain sprockets,four strand roller chain sprocket

* material used for chain sprocket carbon steel 45

* heat treatment and special surface treatments are available on request:

black oxide sprocket with teeth hard


EPT ansi transmission chains and sprockets are widely used in Agriculture,Printing,Chemical,Food and Beverage,General Machinery,Oil and Gas,Packaging and Logistics,Paper Industry,Textile industry,Woodeworking Machinery and so on. 

The biggest characteristic is that the sprockets can be customized in different standard and materials according to your requirements. Made from the steel and the up-to-date skills as well as precision procedures, the high quality sprockets can withstand strong pressure and high temperature.